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Wuxi  MingGu Technology Co.,Ltd is located in beautiful scenery of the taihu lake and on the family of a private Chinese garden and the rong of-in adjacent to the garden. DuoNian to all kinds of automation equipment company has been committed to the design and manufacturing, main production enterprise for photovoltaic and entry and exit inspection and quarantine form a complete set, also in the production of various kinds of environmental test equipment reliability and testing equipment.
Enterprise has a group of long engaged in automation equipment research and development of scientific and technological personnel, no matter from product design and manufacturing, show that there are scientific and technological personnel of professional and mature. Products comply with GB, GJB state standards, also meet the IEC, UL and related standards. Products are widely used in solar cell module factory, aviation, communication, electronic, military, scientific research, automobile, entry and exit inspection and quarantine, etc.

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